4501 at Chickamauga Pond
4501 Running Gear
Awtry Bridge Monochrome
Exiting Missionary Ridge Tunnel
Oakton Crossing Impression
Double-Headed on Trion Bridge
"Sunrise on the GirderBridge"
"Crossing Awtry Bridge"
Man In Sun
Which Train ?
Last Minute Prep
Summerville Excursion
Girder Bridge Double-Head
East Chattanooga Shops
"Double headed through Rossville"
Trion Bridge Double Head
"Last Whistle"
'Highballing Through LaFayette"
"Double Head Leaving Depot"
"Double-Head At Bridges"
"Double-Head Across Bridge"
4501 With U P Locomotives
4501 at Rock Spring Curve
"Out Of The Tunnel"
'Chasing Morning Steam"
Rock Spring Run-by Graphic
"Autry Bridge 630"
Girder Bridge Morning
Roswell Crossing
"Trion SKY"
Missionary Ridge Tunnel
Oakton Crossing '31 pickup
Locomotive 630 in Approaching Storm
"Best Seat on the Train"
"On Grade - Backroads Lafayette"
"Leaving Grand Junction"
Oakton Crossing '31 Model A
Winter - Chickamauga Pond - Winter
Lafayette Photographers
712 in TVRM Yard
"Above 630"
Rossville Two - Monochrome
Heading Down Holtzclaw
Layfayette Soldier
630 On South Chickamauga Creek Bridg
Oakton Crossing - Antique
Summerville Impression
Bob with 4501 locomotive
Missionary Ridge Tunnel
Double Head in Summerville
Oakton Crossing North of Trion
Chickamauga Curve
Pulling Into Summerville
Fall North of Summerville
Leaving Summerville
Rossville Crossing
Pulling Out of TVRM Yard
"The Age Of Steam"
Approaching Rock Spring
Double Head Impression
Last Shot Before Wilcox
Highballing out of Lafayette
"Backing In" (from book)
630 leaving East Chattanooga yard
Grade Before Lafayette
"Pulling Out" from TVRM Depot
North of Summerville
4501 Leaving TVR Depot
Rock Spring
Rock Spring Run-by Graphic Pen
Leaving Depot in Rain
710 at TVRM Yard
East Tennessee Shops
630 & 4501 Double Headed
TVRM Depot Scene
TVRM Diesel 1829
4501 On Girder Bridge at McFarland
4501 On Summerville Turntable
630 Leaving Summerville
4501 Departing Grand Junction
#80 Diesel leaving Missionary Ridge
4501 Backing in to Grand Junction
Rossville Warehouse district
I-phone Image - 4501 InThe Fog
4501 Foggy Departure
4501 Steaming Up
4501 in Chickamauga Morning

The Tennessee Valley Railroad, Chattanooga, TN      

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Exiting Missionary Ridge Tunnel