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2007 - Our 16th ANNIVERSARY YEAR!

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Miniature Buildings, Bridges & Trestles
For Large Scale - 1:20.3, 1:22.5, 1:24, & 1:29

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Here is the website for anyone who enjoys creating wooden
structures from scratch, or using high-quality kits.

Over 400 items for your garden railway,
indoor layout or miniature display.
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New Engine Shed #31203.
Great for under the tree.
Big enough for your
new "Starter Set".
Shown with 311897
Santa's Depot.

Back side of Engine Shed #31201; 14" long. Perfect for those small Porter locos and switchers. Engine Shed #31202; 18" long; will fit smaller engines up to the size of a Forney (shown). Engine Shed #31203 with rear extension; 24" long to fit engines as long as Starter Set loco and tender.

BIG SAVINGS on 1:20.3 doors and Scale Lumber; click here

BIG DOOR SALE - October and November 2006 only ! 1:20.3 doors (53992 and 53993 seen at bottom of scratch builder wall panel in photo above) Regular $8 each plus shipping. Sale price including shipping - $30 for 4; $50 for 8; $95 for 16 (any combination of 53992 or 53993 doors) Strong, Integral Frame heavy duty styrene construction. Tell your friends. Order in quantity and Save !

Two kits are furnished for free-standing structures 18 inches long, but they may be used to extend the platforms on "The Cascades" depot (seen below on a holiday display layout) and "The Timbers" depots.

Festival of Trees Railway Depot with 32102 passenger platform kit extension.

See our Scratch Builders Supplies Page.

20TH STREET FIGURES for 1:20.3 to 1:24 structures. Super - Economical.... both sets come unpainted so you can paint them to fit the theme and era of your own railway.
Set at left - #54024 $21, Set at right - #54025 $21, Both sets - $39

These RAILROAD AVENUE 1:20.3 figures now available from Garden-Texture.
Highly detailed, beautifully painted! Includes Engineer and Fireman (2nd and 4th from left)
$14 each, or complete set of 8 for only $85 (including shipping in U.S.)

NEW ... #41187 - 50 inch long COMPRESSION DECK BRIDGE shown below.

NEW ... #42693 - 62" THRU-DECK BRIDGE shown below.

NEW ... 1 STALL ENGINE HOUSE KIT #33197. 27" long; with office on one side.
33197 (above left) and 34197 2 -stall (above right)
Kit for parallel 2-bay engine house as shown, with office on one side.

Original #31197 3-bay Engine house Kit shown below. Also available is #32197 kit for 5-bay model.

PLEASE, Give us your opinion.... We are developing a new line of EURO-TEXTURE products; Including new heavy timber central European style depots, log barns, and other stone and timber structures; constructed of Redwood and Cedar.

Photo above shows one of the new depots and two of the log and stone style barns. Please tell us what you think.... any interest in this type of Miniature Architecture for your Swiss, German, Austrian and other European trains? 704-847-7169

Sand & Water Facility (below)

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Kit #21371 - Sandhouse & Tower (per photo)
Kit #22371 - Sandhouse/Drying Room
Kit #23371 - Duel Water Tower (22371 and 23371 shown separately below)

Shown here, only a few of the hundreds of
     Scratch-builders supplies available to you.
           See Scratch Builders Supply page

22371 kit (below left), 23371 kit (below right)

Rail Yard Buildings For Your Line. Great "Starter" Projects.
Upper L. - 31193 Yard Office, Upper R. - 31696 Switch Tower
Lower L. - 31593 Wayside Depot, Lower R. - 21391 Loading Platform

email us at gardentextur@earthlink.net

Buildings, Bridges, and Trestles - Costs - click here for Pricing page  

3 Chute Ore Triple, #21283 (Shown), #21282 2 Chute (Not Shown)

All Cedar and Redwood; precut lumber. Complete with Full Size Template Drawings.
4 Trestle bents for access from Mine. Operating Chute Throats, Chains, & Hardware.

Create beautiful scenes for your railway!
Above Left: 31107 Farmhouse Kit, Middle: 31103 Barn Kit, Right: 31102 "Cascades"

Great "Starter" Project Bridges
Upper L. - 41692 22" Thru Deck, Upper R. - 41186 26" Com. Deck
Lower L. - 41185 15" Compres. Deck, Lower R. - 41895 28" Com. Truss
See "Bridges Page" for more types from 15" to 148"
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Design and build your own great rural, urban or industrial scenes!

Dozens of New Trestle Kits Now Available
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Trestle Kits from 30" to over 20 feet...or we'll
custom design for your railway!
call us...704-847-7169

Long Span Spectacular Bridges
Upper L. - 41897a 148" Truss (Also available 124" & 136")
Upper R. - 41171 50" Arch
Lower L. - 41697 85" Arch (Also available 65")
Lower R. - 41896a 112" Truss
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#31791 Kit without wheel
#32791a Kit with wheel & 24" flume
#32791b Kit with wheel & 48" flume
2001 M/R Readers' Choice Award for new large scale structure

Order Today! 704-847-7169
Look for our advertisements, product announcements, and reviews
in all the leading hobby journals!

Great Industrial And Operational. Opportunities For Your Railway!
Upper L. - 31194 Lumber Mill, Upper R. - 21371 Sand & Water Facility
Lower L. - 21381 Icing Facility, Lower R. - 21283 Ore Facility

See also "Buildings" and "Big Buildings" Pages
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Model Railroader Readers Choice Award Winner
35" Covered Bridge (click also - "Covered Bridges")
#40181 Drawings; #41181 Kit With Drawings
GARDEN-TEXTURE has received Model Railroader Magazine's
"Reader's Choice" Award for NEW LARGE SCALE STRUCTURE
six years in a row (4 for 1st place)!

1997 - 52" Compression Truss Bridge #40897 (Kit #41897)
        1998 - Truss Bridge & Trestle Kit #41996
        1999 - Covered Bridge seen above #40181 (Kit #41181)
        2000 - "The Cascades" Mainline Depot #30102 (Kit #31102)
2001 - Second Place award for "Ratliff Grist Mill" #31791
2002 - Third Place award for #40991 Arch Deck Bridge

Upper L. - 30293 Small Farmhouse, Upper R. - 31103 Large Barn
Lower L. - 31107 Large Farmhouse, Lower R. - 30693 Small Barn
Many more available - See "Buildings" and "Technical" Pages

Give the gift of quality structures



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complete kit

All drawing sets are complete with FULL SIZE templates
from which to build, and step-by-step construction guides.
KITS include the drawings and guidelines as well as fasteners, 
precut redwood and/or cedar, doors, windows, roofing, the works...
The only thing you need is adhesive and paint.

Now over 400 products for Large Scale!
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